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TRI-COLORED  $3,300    

         BI-COLORED  $2,800.           



Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


We would love to have you join our waiting list for a Bernedoodle puppy! Please take the time to read the information on our website as we explain the terms and conditions and don’t hesitate to contact us anytime if you have any questions. 


Placing our puppies in loving homes is our number one priority. We want our puppies to become an extension of your family enriching the lives of both the owner and the dog. Our puppy selections are made in order of deposits. If you desire a specific color or sex your wait may be extended upon availability.  


A Tri-colored puppy is one who sports black and tan markings with white trim. While we strive to produce the beautiful tri-color in each litter, a healthy puppy is our main concern. Tri-colored Bernedoodles are in high demand, so be prepared to wait for a puppy! Getting on our waiting list early will ensure you get your choice in the least amount of time whether from the current litter or next planned litter. 


Our waiting list is designed for those who are serious about making our puppies an addition to their family. Understand that if the puppy you want is not among the current litter your choice is preserved on the waiting list. 



Understand that our puppies are our babies. We want every puppy to find a home that is a perfect match for them and their new family. On selection day, if you are not able to select the puppy that you connect with you can move up on the list for the next litter or we will gladly refund your deposit. Your choice. We don't want anyone feeling as if they have to settle for a puppy simply because they have a deposit invested. Our puppies are all adorable, precious, and very intelligent. They turn heads everywhere they go so if you don't feel its a perfect match for you then it most likely isn't for the pup. After a puppy is selected the deposit is forfeited if purchase is not completed. We typically select puppies around week 6 after birth.

In the unlikely event the home is no longer suitable for the puppy, please contact us. We will help gladly assist with rehoming the puppy. Placing one of our puppies in a shelter is never a option, please contact us instead. 

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