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First of all, let us say, “Welcome to the Glover Family!” We love our babies and we hope that you find their love rewarding. We hope that you will keep us updated in messages and pictures along the way and always know, we are one call or email away if you should need any assistance!


This agreement is between buyer _____________________________________________________ and Breeders: Stuart and Cindy Glover.


Sire of puppy: ________________________________________________


Dame of puppy: ______________________________________________


Date of birth: _________________________________


Gender: _______________________________________


Description of Puppy: _______________________________________


 The seller guarantees the puppy to be in good health, current on vaccinations and worming for the appropriate age of the puppy and health certificate from the seller’s veterinarian will be given. All dewclaws are removed and the seller does require the buyer to have the puppy examined by the buyer’s veterinarian within 72 hours of possession and a copy of the examination sent to the seller within 7 days after the examination. Failure to do so will make the health warranty and incentive program immediately void. If the Buyer’s Veterinarian should find this puppy to have a life-threatening illness or is found to have a life altering genetic defect, the buyer will have 7 days to return the puppy to the breeder, along with veterinarian record of illness and any/all registration papers, etc. that were given with the puppy. A full refund of the price of the puppy will then be given. The seller is not responsible for any shipping fees. The breeder shall reserve the right to have the diagnosis confirmed by a veterinarian of their choice before a refund is issued. The buyer is also required to give the breeder and the breeder’s veterinarian contact information of their veterinarian so that they may discuss the situation in full.


Seller does not guarantee against Giardia and/or Coccidia. These are common protozoan’s that are often dormant in puppies and are brought out by stress such as shipping and/or a new home. These conditions as well as worms are easily treated and the responsibility of the new owner. The buyer agrees to limit the amount of exposure that the puppy has to public areas until all vaccinations have been given (16-18 weeks of age). Every attempt will be made to estimate the size and color of the puppy at adult age. This will be done with historical data, parents’ sizes and pedigrees, but it will not be guaranteed.


This puppy is guaranteed to the original buyer (name listed at the top of this agreement) against any debilitating or life-threating hereditary/congenital diseases including hip dysplasia (moderate to severe), vWD (affected), debilitating cardiac issues and/or hereditary disabling eye diseases until he/she reaches 24 months of age. If this puppy/dog is found to have a debilitating, life-threating, hereditary/congenital disease by its 2nd birthday, the breeder will replace the puppy with a new one of equal value, when available. We will not ask you to ever return your pet in order for this portion of the warranty to be fulfilled, but a replacement will only be given after you consider spaying/neutering your pet. A licensed Veterinarian (by OFA or PennHip for hip/elbow issues, a Certified Veterinary Cardiologist for Cardiac issues or a certified canine Ophthalmologist for eye issues) must provide documentation. It is understood that the breeder is not responsible for Vet bills or shipping/transportation costs. The breeder may have the said puppy/dog examined by a licensed Veterinarian of their choice to verify the diagnosis. The buyer does agree to give all contact information of the veterinarian making the prognosis so that the breeders’ Veterinarian and/or the breeder can have further discussion with the buyer’s veterinarian. This guarantee is void if the dog is found to be overweight and/or not fed a quality diet. The buyer also agrees to have their puppy spayed or neutered within 9 months of age for the health guarantee to remain valid. The buyer also agrees to hold off on any strenuous, repetitive exercise (agility, long walks/hiking, etc.) until the dog is at least one (1) year of age, as this is hard on hips/joints of large breed dogs and will void this health warranty. Not included in this warranty are health issues that may be caused by environmental factors such as allergies, autoimmune disorders, trauma, abuse and failure to maintain the general health of the dog.  If the dog represented in this contract dies, it is the responsibility of the buyer to notify the breeder immediately as a necropsy and/or biopsy maybe needed to determine the cause of the death and it is at the discretion of the breeder and/or breeders veterinarian to request one be done.


The buyer agrees that the puppy/dog will be housed indoors, fed a quality diet, and kept current on vaccinations and heartworm preventative as recommended by is/her licensed Veterinarian. The buyer agrees that the puppy/dog will never be taken to a dog shelter, pound or any like facility or used for research. The breeder understands that, at times, situations may arise where the buyer can’t keep his/her dog. If this occurs, the buyer agrees to find a suitable home for the said puppy/dog and will have it spay/neutered per contract prior to rehoming the pet. The breeders are here for the life of the dog and will help the buyer, in any way possible, to place the dog in a new loving home or will welcome the dog back to rehome. This health warranty is void if the puppy/dog is transferred to a new owner. Once a breeding dog produces his/her first litter, this entire warranty ends, regardless of the age of the dog.


Referral Program: Finding good homes where our puppies are happy and thrive in is our number one priority. It starts with our repeat customers. If we have had a successful relationship and your puppy/dog from us is healthy and happy of course we would be thrilled to have you purchase another one when and if you decide to expand your family. In honor of that relationship, we would like to offer you $100.00 off the purchase price of your next puppy as our thank you.


Purchase Price of puppy:       $__________

                         - Deposit:         $__________

                         +Shipping:       $__________

                          =Balance Due:$__________

                           Paid in full:      ___________________


Deposit of $400 is due to hold puppy and final payment is due before pickup of puppy. Puppies can be held until 9 weeks of age. If a puppy is held past the 9 week mark, it will be $10.00 extra a day until puppy is picked up. Puppy will be subject to resale after 11 weeks if the buyer has made no final payment and/or pick up of the puppy. We are located in Arkansas and will meet/deliver to surrounding states. If travel is more than 250 miles we will require an addition $100 for travel expenses. We also ship anywhere in the continental United States for an additional $500.00 fee. All money is due in full 10 days prior to puppy being shipped. 


Please understand that puppies are not sold on a trial basis. Please consider the care and commitment that it takes to have a dog.


I have read and understand the terms/conditions of this 3 page agreement and understand that by signing it becomes a binding contract. Any/all disputes will be taken up in the court system in Pope County, AR.


Breeders:  Stuart and Cindy Glover


Signature of Breeders: ______________________________________________________________________


Signature of Buyer(s) _______________________________________________________________________


Buyers Name Printed _______________________________________________________________________


Buyers Address ______________________________________________________________________________


Buyers Phone # ______________________________________________________________________________


Buyers Email Address _______________________________________________________________________

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